Dreams Symphonies and Overtures

Remastered Album 2005 - 2022

Remastered & Re-released on Bandcamp in support of humanitarian aid with 'Doctors Beyond Borders'

"Early experimentation featuring vocals from Chantelle (AKA Vieka) Hal FX & Karima.

Ethereal grooves with award-winning animation for 'Red Ocean' by Tinspider Studios."

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Cinematic Grooves

"Based on live collaborations, an eclectic collection - featuring guest musicians including Audioweb’s Robin File & Tim Natrajan on guitar, with Invisible Agent’s Warren Daly & steel hang drums from Roberto Traina."

Album Released on Invisible Agent Records 20/12/18

Soma Remixed

"An evolving sonic experience re-imagined & remixed by guest producers from neighboring genres, including Audioweb's Robin File, the prolific Ketsa & Warren Daly of Invisible Agent Records."

Album Released on Invisible Agent Records 15/02/16

Soma (EP)

"Silky smooth vocals. Warped guitars, mesmeric depths & descending piano motifs. Audio Mainline’s digital heart beats slowly to the sound of monsoon season in the tropics."


Album Released on Invisible Agent Records 14/03/15