Audio Mainline

EP: Invisible Agent Records

14th March 2015

Soma: A soundtrack for dreaming. Recorded in Asia’s Kingdom of Wonder.


The journey begins with Elements showcasing the silky smooth voice of UK vocalist Trubble. WATCH THE VIDEO Then Planet Sun with hip-hop leanings, reversed vocals & warped guitars melting through the mix. Evolving implies an intergalactic cosmic lounge with pulsing electronic rhythms accentuated by a hypnotic vocal mantra. The mesmeric depths of Under Water showcase morphing guitars, descending piano motifs, and a crescendo of cymbals accompanied by the ethereal voice of Ghost-Dust. Soma itself is the epicentre of the sensory capsule. A soothing descent into ambient warmth as Audio Mainline’s digital heart beats slowly to the sound of monsoon season in the tropics. VIEW THE TRAILER


Audio Mainline Soma