Audio Mainline


Headphonaught: "Soma" is reminiscent of output from San Francisco's seminal downtempo & house label, Om Records. What sets Audio Mainline apart is their choice of guest vocalists, each with their own unique voice and expression.

This is a truly magical EP.


Milk Magazine: If ever there existed an intergalactic lounge bar, "Evolving" would be spinning on the decks… Inspired by the monsoon season in Asia, every beat of "Soma" oozes the languid charm of its muse. Samples and breathy vocals intermingle with rippling harp and guitar, perfectly encapsulating the humble beauty and allure of wet season in the tropics. Best enjoyed with sound-cancelling headphones on a really cushy pillow.


Advisor Magazine: The sonic crafting that has gone into this release is absolutely superb. A project that pushes the boundaries of modern music in some new and interesting directions given the cross-genre elements that go into it. This is what creativity and originality sounds like… Embrace it.


Les Hommes Magazine: The distinctive sound of Audio Mainline combines lush cinematic ambiance, bass-driven grooves, warped guitars, and soothing female vocals. The latest studio recording, a deliciously prescribed sensory capsule, fittingly recorded in Asia’s Kingdom of Wonder.

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