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Soma Remixed

Mini ALBUM: Invisible Agent Records

15th February 2016

An evolving sonic experience reworked in the imagination of producers from neighboring genres:

1. Soma - remixed by Bare Wit. A landscape of granular synthesis with analogue beats morphing into techno infused electro-funk.

2. Elements Remix - Silky smooth vocals from Trubble and a more immediate groove than its predecessor with near-tribal rhythms. WATCH THE VIDEO

3. Evolving Casa Negra Mix from Audioweb's Robin File - epic spectral atmospheres accompanied by a haunting female mantra. WATCH THE VIDEO

4. Struggle - Sublime electronica remixed by ambient artist Si-O. An unexpected gem as the only track not to have featured on the original EP.

5. Planet Sun - eloquently delivered by the prolific Ketsa. A jazzy approach with light rhythms and liquid guitars.

6. Underwater Dubmix from Warren Daly Dark brooding dub-mix, juxtaposed with ethereal vocals, morphing ambiance and pulsating bass. Warren is both music producer and record label owner, with a strong background in exposing new and unique artists.

7. Soma Universe - the natural conclusion. Sampling every track from the Soma EP for a unique cinematic experience. WATCH THE VIDEO

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